Got A Jungle Out There? Here’s How To Turn It Around


Doing over your garden is a great summer project. You can turn this outdoor space into a very desirable place to be, and just by chopping down the weeds and planting some fresh faced flowers! However, getting started with a big gardening project like this is easier said than done. Your garden may be an overgrown jungle you’re hating the thought of tackling, but that’s exactly why we’ve brought this post to you. Transforming a space like your garden can be a lot of fun; here are some tips on getting started. 

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Design Your Landscape

How do you want your garden to look once you’re done with it? Sketch it out now to make sure you’ve got a good plan to follow. You need to know where the plants are going, where you’ll be able to sit and entertain friends and family, and what space the lawn will take up too. This is also the most fun part of the project, so get all your gardening dreams down on paper and make sure you’re truly happy with the result. You don’t want to waste time and good weather on a landscape you don’t love! 

Get the Right Tools

Chopping back a garden to clear the way for some serious landscape design requires the best equipment! So now’s the time to find the right tools for the job. If you’ve got a shed already, get in there and see what you can salvage? Old trowels and shovels? Perfect! A tiller that doesn’t seem to work? Get online, find the parts you need to fix your tiller, and then get out there to break up the soil! Don’t worry if your DIY skills are shoddy; It’s all hands-on experience you’re going to need to complete this summer time project. 

Clear Out the Junk

Or even repurpose it! Get rid of any and all trash, including general refuse, leaf piles, and every bit of rotten wood or pots you can find. But if there’s an old bench that just needs some new paint, keep it and breathe new life into it. It’ll save you a whole lot of money, and will help your garden feel more cozy – some vintage outdoor furniture makes for a very picturesque scene! 

Plant a Good Mix

Now it’s time to get planting! So, what do you want to cultivate? Hopefully a good mix of plants including seasonal flowers and evergreen shrubs and bushes. The more biodiversity you have, the stronger your garden will grow, and the more bees and little critters you’ll see in it. It’s always nice to watch the birds peck at the feeders hung from tall trees, and for caterpillars and worms to find a home in the soft soil you’ve made for them. Take your time choosing the right plants, and make sure you follow the instructions on the back of seed packets for the best results. 

If you want to recreate your garden, design, cut back, and clear it! 

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