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Homemade Healthy Vegan Granola Recipe


Okay, so I have a confession to make. I eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast… every day!!! Yes, it’s true and it is not something I am proud of. But ever since the Chips Ahoy cookies no longer contain eggs, I can’t restrain myself. They make such a quick breakfast too, paired with a cup of almond milk of course. But this isn’t something I can keep on doing… so what I need to do is come up with a quick and delicious thing I can eat every morning! Enter healthy vegan granola.

The best granola ever, and it's vegan. Click on the picture for the recipe for an easy, healthy and delicious vegan granola.

The possibilities are endless in what you can include in your granola and rest assured, I will certainly be posting a TON of recipes on this blog. Particularly, the best of the best. And the one I will be talking about today is no exception. It is AMAZZZING!!!!

And super easy to make!! It lasted us an entire week so I can’t wait to see what we make this weekend.





INGREDIENTS – Healthy Vegan Granola

2 cups rolled oats

1 cup almonds, chopped

1 cup pecans, chopped

1 pinch sea salt

3 tbsp coconut oil

1/3 cup agave

1 tsp vanilla extract

DIRECTIONS – Healthy Vegan Granola

In a medium sized bowl, combine the oats, nuts, and salt.

Heat up the coconut oil, agave and vanilla extract for a couple of minutes and then mix into the bowl.

Place onto a baking tray in a thin layer and bake for 20 minutes at 350F.

Then, stir the granola around and bake for another 5 minutes.

Remove the healthy vegan granola from the oven, and let sit at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before stirring. This helps harden the granola to give it a crunchy texture.

Place into a jar and enjoy with yogurt or some almond milk (my personal fave way to eat this healthy vegan granola).

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Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe


Hi everyone! Today I have a recipe for a Homemade Glass Cleaner Recipe for you all. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

DIY Natural window cleaner using common household products will help keep your home clean, but chemical free.

Working in research, I have to constantly be aware of all the things we use that are carcinogenic and a certain level of safety is always in effect. But, I realize, at home, I am not so aware. I don’t do anything to change the amount of toxins that are present at home that we encounter on a daily basis, the biggest one being cleaning products.

I would like to change that. On this blog, I will be adding recipes for natural, DIY cleaning products (this homemade beard balm is so amazing), starting off with a DIY Natural Window Cleaner, perfect for mirrors and windows.

Making your own cleaning products has many benefits, including being aware of what is in the product as well as saving a ton of money, since they are fairly inexpensive to make. And for those out there that aren’t into DIY projects, this recipe for a homemade glass cleaner is fairly quick to make. Less than 1 min to prepare, so give it a go.

Okay, so while researching homemade natural cleaning products, I realized that there a select few ingredients that are commonly used. In today’s recipe, we will be using the following and I did a little research as to how they work and why they are necessary for a natural homemade glass cleaner.

First up is Vinegar. I always see on Pinterest that vinegar is an effective natural cleaner and I know some of my friends use it as well. Vinegar is effective in removing microbial contamination and is best used as a rinse to help disinfect a surface after you have cleaned it with a soap based cleaner.

Rubbing Alcohol. In research labs, we often use alcohol to precipitate DNA because we know that DNA is insoluble in isopropyl alcohol. But, in household cleaning, we are not interested in this property. Instead, we use it for its ability to disinfect and kill bacteria, fungi, and virus. You can omit this if you would like in this recipe.

Finally, cornstarch is used to prevent streaking. The surfaces of glass are not perfectly smooth so when water is sprayed on, the water molecules get caught in these microscopic holes. Streaking occurs when water clings to itself through hydrogen bonding. Cornstarch works by disrupting these hydrogen bonds to prevent the streaks.

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INGREDIENTS – Homemade Glass Cleaner

1/4 cup vinegar

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

1 tbsp cornstarch

2 cups water

essential oils of choice (I used lavender, peppermint, and sweet orange)

DIRECTIONS – Homemade Glass Cleaner

Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle.

Shake to mix and spray onto window or glass and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

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Vegan BeaverTails Recipe


Vegan BeaverTails Recipe

A couple of months ago I had my first ever Beavertail and it was so amazing that I had another one the same day, and ever since I’ve been looking for where I can buy one more. And the other good thing, they are VEGAN!!! Vegan beavertails are a Canadian only pastry that’s in the shape of a beaver’s tail. I am from Vancouver and I had never heard of them before until I moved to Toronto, where they have 3 storefronts. Outside of Canada, they have franchises in Japan, South Korea and UAE, if you’re wanting to try an authentic Canadian Beavertail.

But for today, I am going to try to re-create them as best as I can. I had some clues as to what to use in this recipe. First of all, they are vegan, so I know they don’t have eggs and dairy. And second, I watched a Beavertails video online and I know they are made with yeast and are fried. The best things usually are, so no surprise there.

These Vegan Beavertails turned out AMAZING!!! Everyone at home said they taste just like the ones you get from the store, and they did!

It’s an easy recipe as well and makes around 12 vegan beavertails. I made 4 and froze down the rest of the dough. They taste best when made fresh and are warm.

img_9577img_9578img_9580img_9582img_9586img_9588vegan beavertails recipe

Vegan Beavertails recipe


1 cup warm water

2 tsp yeast

1 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp alcohol free vanilla extract

1/4 cup canola oil

2.5 cup all purpose flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup sugar + 1/2 cup sugar

2 tsp cinnamon


To your hot water, add 2 tsp of yeast and let sit a couple of minutes, until mixture becomes frothy.

Next, add brown sugar, vanilla and oil and mix. Then stir in flour salt, 1/4 cup sugar and knead to get a dough.

Oil your bowl and cover with saran wrap and let sit for 45-1 hr or until dough has doubled in size.

Heat up your oil. To test to see if the oil is ready, take a small piece of the dough and place it into the frying pan, if it rises up, it is ready.

Now, take a small ball of dough and roll it into the shape of a beaver’s tail and place it into the frying pan. Fry each side for around 30 seconds or until golden brown. Place on paper towel to let the oil drain out.

In a ziploc bag, add the remaining sugar and cinnamon. Place the freshly fried beavertail into this mixture and give it a shake. Your beavertail is now ready.

I like to add some chocolate spread and sliced bananas along with powdered sugar! So delicious!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe for these delicious vegan beavertails and if you’re on the hunt for some more delicious recipes (mostly vegan), check out the Kamfort Food Section of Getkamfortable. My personal favourite are these vegan sugar cookies.