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Pregnancy Essentials List


Pregnancy is no walk in the park and your body changes so much over the course of the 9 months. To make things easier and more comfortable for me throughout the pregnancy, I’ve come with a pregnancy essentials list. Some of these things you’ll need in the first, second or third trimester only whereas others can be used throughout the pregnancy. I also tried to be minimal and not buy too many of the one time use items or items that take up too much space. I hope you find this pregnancy essentials list helpful if you’re also pregnant.

Pregnancy Essentials List


The majority of pregnant woman will experience morning sickness for some time. Some may be lucky and not experience any at all, and there may be others that get morning sickness throughout the pregnancy. For me, I had morning sickness between weeks 7-14 while also experiencing some nausea randomly in other weeks. After a lot of trial and error, I realized crackers really helped subside the nausea (my favourite are the Toppables brand). Especially in the mornings. I realized if I stayed on an empty stomach for too long in the morning, I would vomit. So, since the beginning of the pregnancy, I started keeping a box of crackers in my bedside table. As soon as I’ve brushed my teeth and taken a shower, I eat a cracker. Every day.

pregnancy essentials list


Another pregnancy essential for me is Diclectin. Diclectin is a a prescription medication that is used for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and it is combination of an antihistamine and vitamin B6. You need to take 4 pills a day to see a difference because it is a medication that needs to be in your system throughout the day for you to feel the effects. This really helped me during the worst of the morning sickness and I took it into the second trimester as well because I really did not enjoy feeling nauseous.

Stretch Mark Oil

My sisters gifted me this oil from Burts Bees and I started using it in the first trimester, well before there was even any sign of a bump. It smells so good (a lemony scent) and was very nice to apply to my stomach and back so I made it a part of my night time routine. I’m 30 weeks pregnant now, with a pretty big bump, and have yet to see any stretch marks. They say stretch marks are genetic and there is still another 10 weeks of this pregnancy left, so I could still get stretch marks. But this oil is definitely keeping my skin hydrated and healthy.

pregnancy essentials list

Pregnancy Wedge

When my bump did start showing, it became quite uncomfortable for me to sleep at night. I am a stomach sleeper, so I had to stop sleeping on my stomach and transition to my side or back. I started looking into pregnancy pillows and asked friends and family their opinion about those giant pillows. Some loved them, some barely used them. I didn’t want to commit to such a large item in our room, so decided to get the pregnancy wedge. And boy oh boy, this is such a holy grail item for me and is my favourite in this pregnancy essentials list. It’s small, helps lift my stomach when I sleep on the side and easy to move around at night when I change positions. I even use it when I sit cross legged and need a little more support.

pregnancy essentials list

Compression Stockings

In the second trimester, I started getting round ligament pain, which is a sharp stretching sensation in my stomach going down to my legs. So, I started wearing my compression stockings and they made such a big difference. I wear them at work and take them off at night and I have not felt this pain in my legs since I started wearing them. As for the sharp stretching in my stomach, I think chiropractic treatment and gentle massage from Gursheel has helped quite a bit.

Dry Brush

Related to round ligament pain, I found using my dry brush really helped. Dry brushing really helps with circulation and detoxifying your skin. I first featured my dry brush on my Amazon Favourites post and I have been using it ever since. It is a must have for pregnancy as well.

Nose spray

Also during the second trimester, I started getting a stuffy nose every morning (I shared this in my what they don’t tell you about pregnancy post from last week). I immediately purchased a saline spray from amazon that just contains sea water and that really helped to clear our my stuffy nose. I also noticed that if I used the saline spray too often, my nose started to dry out. I suggest only using this a couple of times a week to get the best benefit.

pregnancy essentials list

Exercise Ball

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I pulled out an exercise ball we had lying around and have really enjoyed sitting on it and stretching out my hips. It is more comfortable for me to sit on the exercise ball than on my bed/chair.

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Surprise! I’m Pregnant and What They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy


For the past 6.5 months, I’ve been keeping a pretty big secret: I’m pregnant! And today I am finally back with a blog post: what they don’t tell you about pregnancy!

What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

Gursheel and I are both so excited and so so happy and I can’t even believe I am writing this post! As many of you can tell I have not been very active on my Instagram and the last blog post I wrote was in April. That’s because the first trimester really took a toll on me. And then once I finally started feeling better, near the end of the first trimester, we were in a really bad accident and it took me a while to recover from that as well.

All in all, I’m feeling a lot better and finally ready to get back into blogging. I’ve always wanted to be a mom someday and now that it’s finally happening, I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you all. Starting with, what they don’t tell you about pregnancy. I know everyone has such a different experience during their pregnancies, so all these are specific to me. But, I’m sure some of the mamas out there can relate.

What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

What They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

It’s not easy to get pregnant

I was always under this misconception that I would get pregnant once I tried. Not the case! You really need to get to know your cycle and know when you’re ovulating and be quite strategic about when you try. I also talked to many people and learned how common infertility is! So, don’t be stressed like I was when it took us a little while to actually get pregnant. And there is a lot of help and support available!

You need to pee, a lot!

I already had a small bladder, but while being pregnant, I literally pee every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes, I’ll pee, and have to pee again after 2 minutes. Peeing during night-time is a pain as well. I have consistently been getting up at night to pee every night now.

You go up like 3 bra sizes!

In my first trimester I purchased a new bralette that was still slightly loose, however, now near the end of my second trimester, I’ve already outgrown that and purchased another couple bras!

Morning sickness isn’t just in the mornings

Morning sickness is the worst. I experienced morning sickness from around week 7 to week 13 and I still have random days where I puke. I had it the worst during dinner time where almost every night I couldn’t keep my dinner down. You can get medication that does help, but you have to take it 4 times a day and even swallowing can cause you to gag and therefore vomit.

It feels like you’re always sick

One morning, I woke up with a super stuffy nose and immediately thought I was sick. Not the case. I learned that stuffy nose is very common in pregnancy and now I always wake up with a stuffy nose. And sometimes you even get the added surprise of a bloody nose, which is also normal in pregnancy.

You get anxious about everything

I didn’t think I was an anxious person, until I got pregnant and first learned I am B-. When I looked into what that meant on Google, I completely scared myself. Following that, I started to Google every pain/discomfort I felt and started reading people’s horror stories which scared me even more. Every little thing that is not normal makes me so anxious.

Your husband will annoy you so much

I didn’t want to end with this one but I’ve realized I get annoyed at Gursheel so much these days over the littlest things. He is trying his absolute best to be helpful and loving, but I am constantly finding things to get annoyed about. I know he will never read this but he really has been the best throughout this pregnancy and I couldn’t be more grateful for him.

What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy
What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy
What They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I really have missed writing and blogging and I’m hoping I get back to my weekly blog routine. Again, I am so grateful to be pregnant and experience this humbling journey and I have so many great blog posts lined up.

Also, Gursheel took some maternity pictures of me while we were in Montreal and I love them. So look out for some travel guides as well coming to the Kam Travels section of the blog.

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5 Easy Steps to Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle Today


I was inspired by my friend, who made a New Year’s Resolution to cut down on her waste, to do the same. For the past couple of months I’ve been trying to put a conscious effort to minimize waste that I create on a daily basis. It’s been challenging and I feel no matter how hard I try, I will still create waste. But, I decided I’m okay with that as long as I am trying whenever possible. So, today I thought I’d share with you 5 easy steps you can take today to get started on the zero waste lifestyle.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

I also want to preface this post by saying that for getting started on the zero waste lifestyle, you don’t need to go out and buy stuff that is zero waste. That defeats the purpose. Use what you already have around the house and once a particular item finishes, then think about how your future purchases can be smarter and fit the zero waste lifestyle. I just want to train my mind to be more conscious of the waste I am creating.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

5 Easy Steps To Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle

1.Reusable Bags/Cloth Tote Bags:

Always keep a tote bag on hand. I started keeping a couple of cloth bags in the car. I’ve had these two cloth bags for a long while now and they were just sitting in my closet. So, I pulled them out and now I leave them in the Jeep. Any time we go to the mall, a store, or just out and about, I take one of the totes along with me. So, whenever I get to the checkout, I just say I don’t need a bag and use my own.

The same goes for our weekly Friday night grocery shopping. I have a lot more reusable bags that I collected from stores like Lululemon and Saje and they make the perfect grocery shopping bag. I just bring them along with us and say no to the plastic bags at the store. I’ve noticed that with just having some tote bags easily accessible, I’ve really cut down on how many plastic bags I bring home!

2. Coffee Cup:

Say no to disposable coffee cups and take along your reusable coffee cup with you. Gursheel and I go to Starbucks at least once a week and during the week I usually go out to get some coffee at least once or twice. And never do I bring my own coffee cup. But, this has also come to a stop now. Any time we go out on the weekends, we bring along our coffee cups with us. Starbucks is really great because not only do they give you 10 cents off your drink when you bring your own coffee cup, but they also tend to give you more coffee! We always ask for a tall, but since our coffee cup is pretty big (20 oz), they fill it up all the way (that’s basically a venti sized drink)!

I also bring my KeepCup with me everywhere. In the mornings I make myself a lemon honey tea and in the afternoons at work, I either make myself a latte or I use my KeepCup to get a coffee. Just having a coffee cup with you really helps you cut down on all those disposable coffee cups that really add up to your waste. And they’re fun. I am obsessed with my KeepCup!

3. Reusable Water Bottle:

Start taking your reusable water bottle with you everywhere. I think this one is pretty obvious and I think almost everyone has a reusable water bottle. It is shocking to me the amount of plastic water bottles that are out there and used on a daily basis. My in laws actually use them quite a bit and this is something I really would like to encourage them to stop using. It is so easy to bring a water bottle along with you everywhere. There are water filters everywhere: at work, at airports, at malls and you can even ask any restaurant or coffee shop to fill up your water bottle.

4. Reusable Straws:

Get yourself some reusable straws. I really enjoy drinking cold beverages out of straws. I use it for my morning green smoothie as well as iced coffees or frappacinos when I am out and about. We all know how terrible plastic straws are for the environment, so now I have started to keep a stainless steel straw in my bag at all times. If I’m ever in the mood for an iced coffee when I’m out, I just pull out my own reusable straw. And if I don’t have my reusable straw with me, I’ll opt for a drink that doesn’t require a straw.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle Today
5 Easy Steps to Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

5. Reusable Ziploc Bags/Stasher Bag:

Finally, my last step is to stop buying ziploc bags. If you already have them, re-use them as much as you can. But once you’ve run out, I’d highly recommend to invest in some Stasher Bags. I am obsessed with my Stasher bags. I have a total of three now, but I’d like to get a few more so I can have easy access to them whenever I need. My favorite way to use mine is taking some to go snacks, making smoothie pouches for the week and making some popcorn. The Stasher bag is great because it is made of silicone and is BPA free, microwavable, freezable and heatable. It is multi-functional and a great way to opt out of ziploc bags.

I hope you find this post helpful. I saw this quote recently that really inspired me: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

5 Easy Steps to Get Started on the Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

For more lifestyle related posts, check out the Kamfy Living section of the blog 🙂


Beautify Your Bathroom The Right Way


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Are you thinking about remodelling an area of your home? If so, then you might want to consider making some changes to the bathroom. The bathroom is a popular room for renovation work for a few reasons. However, the main reason to focus on this area of your property is due to the fact that it’s going to add a tremendous level of value. Indeed, the right changes here can help you add as much as 25% to asking the value of your home when it’s time to sell. So, let’s take a look at how to complete a bathroom renovation the right way and ensure that you are making the necessary changes. 

Add A Vanity Cabinet 

To get started with your bathroom renovation, you can consider adding a vanity cabinet. The benefit of a vanity cabinet should be fairly obvious. With a vanity cabinet, you can make sure that you can easily and quickly clean up the clutter in this room. The good news is that vanity cabinets come in a wide range of different styles. They can have floating sinks that look incredible and they can be freestanding or connected to the room in your property. It’s entirely your choice which type you choose. 

Vanity cabinets are also available for a wide range of different budgets. So, you don’t need to worry about one not fitting into the cost of your renovation. You just need to think about the material and if the overall design is going to match your style. 

When you choose your vanity cabinet, make sure that you understand how to fit it the right way. It’s important that you do this. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of money only to have an item that looks pretty poor as part of your overall design. 

Fix Issues With Damp And Condensation 

You do need to make sure that you are working to fix issues with condensation as well as damp in your bathroom. Issues with damp in the bathroom are going to lead to mould growth. As well causing your bathroom to look unattractive it will bring further problems. For instance, when mould starts to develop in your bathroom, you’ll probably start to notice little insects crawling on your bathroom wall, about the size of a pinhead. These pests are called mould mites and while they are harmless, numbers can grow quickly. It won’t be long before your wall is covered with them and that’s not the type of moving style you want. As soon as you eliminate the mould, you’ll find that the mites disappear. 

So, how can you make sure that your bathroom isn’t becoming a damp nightmare? Well, you can opt for fan installation. This can be added to the ceiling of your bathroom and allow you to extract the moisture in the air. Or, alternatively, you might find that issues with moisture are actually due to a problem with the windows. If that’s the case, replacing the bathroom window will be your best option. By replacing your bathroom window, you can make sure that you don’t have to worry about trouble with changes to air causing condensation. This is also going to help your levels of insulation, which will be great through the winter months. It’s also possible that the seal around your bathroom window has gone and needs to be replaced. 

Choosing A New Bath

You can think about selecting a new bath for your bathroom. Freestanding baths are always popular and look incredible. The benefit of a freestanding bath is that it automatically becomes a gorgeous centrepiece feature of the room. It’s certainly going to make the area more classically stylish. While these used to be vintage pieces, they have returned and are now on-trend with a modern flair. 

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Consider Getting Rid of Your Tub 

Credit Link CCS License

You might want to think about removing the tub. Think about how much space the bath actually takes up in your bathroom. The answer is probably quite a lot and if you have a small bathroom that feels quite cramped then removing it could definitely be the answer. 

By removing it you can make sure that you free up space and then you can use this space however you want. It might seem weird to have a bathroom without a bath, but it’s actually quite common these days. Particularly, if you have more than one bathroom in your home. So, what do people have instead?

Well, the popular choice is to go all out with the shower. Essentially, you build a luxury shower area that is big enough for more than one person. That’s great if you live with your partner and can be a fun way to start the morning. 

It makes a lot of practical sense too. First, if you live a busy professional life, then you’re probably not going to have much time to take a bath. This is time-consuming, which means that you’ll benefit more from a luxury shower, even if you spend limited levels of time in your shower. You might want to consider a waterfall showerhead or something similar. You can even opt for a shower head that lights up and causes the water to glow. There are a variety of different choices here and once you explore, you’ll find the possibilities are endless. 

It’s important to note that this isn’t actually an easy renovation. A lot of people think that it’s just a matter of ripping out the bath and this isn’t true at all. You have to remember that the bath is going to be connected to your plumbing. So, if you want to remove it, then the plumbing issues also need to be dealt with. Luckily, there are pros that can help you take the right steps here. If you explore companies like Mr. Rooter Plumbing, then you’ll be able to get the support you need at the price you can afford. 

It can be tempting to complete all the work yourself. However, it’s usually best to avoid doing this. One of the reasons for that is that if anything does go wrong or you make mistakes, it’s going to lead to some expensive repairs that you’ll definitely want to avoid. This can quickly become a renovation nightmare and cause your bathroom remodel costs to grow completely out of control. It’s one of the reasons why people will often just call in a renovator to complete all the work in a bathroom. 

Epoxy Resin 

You could be adding new tyles or flooring to your bathroom. This is a great way to completely alter the aesthetic of the area and ensure that your bathroom looks incredible. To do this, you need to make sure that you are selecting a choice that fits in with your overall decor. 

You might think that your dream flooring option is not going to fit into your renovation budget. However, don’t be so sure. There are plenty of aesthetic materials that have the same quality of something like marble without the high price tag. As such, it is possible to get the awesome design you want even when you’re keeping to a tight financial plan. 

That brings us to epoxy resin. You might have seen bathroom floors look like glass or even frozen water. How do owners create this incredible effect? Well, that’s all due to epoxy resin. By adding a layer of this to your flooring in your bathroom, you will be able to create this stunning effect. 

Don’t Forget About Safety

While it’s often easy to miss out on practical elements of a bathroom, safety is an important consideration and it doesn’t have to spoil the look. The key thing to remember is that flooring should not be slippery. You can add adhesives to the bottom of the bath or the shower. This will ensure that you don’t slip and fall. You would be amazed by how many accidents occur in the bathroom. 

Furthermore, while you may want to add some electric outlets to the bathroom for beauty products, razors or toothbrushes, this needs to be handled the right way. In other words, you need to choose the correct place to fit them. Again, it’s worth consulting a professional here. They’ll provide you with expert advice that you definitely need. 


You do need to consider the walls of your bathroom. It’s important that you don’t leave the walls bare particularly around the bath. The issue here is that the walls will get wet and this is going to lead to stains that look unsightly and spoil the beautiful decor of the room. So instead, you want to make sure that you’re adding tiles or a similar covering. These can easily be fitted and will look absolutely incredible if you complete this job the right way. You get bonus points if you choose to clash the shade with the flooring that you have chosen. 

We hope you use these ideas to create the incredible bathroom design of your dreams. 

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Why Japan Should Be On Your Bucket List


Image by Masashi Wakui from Pixabay 

Have you noticed that more and more people who you know are visiting Japan? Moving to Japan? Studying in Japan? It seems like it’s everyone’s go-to place now and if you’re interested in learning Japanese then have a look here. By 2020, the Japanese government expects more than 40 million foreign travelers to visit each year. Some experts think Japan will become the most visited nation by the year 2030. So, what is the fuss about? And why should you be adding it to your bucket list?

It’s Friendly And Safe

Japan is virtually crime-free, and surveys very often reveal Japan as one of the friendliest places to spend a holiday. The Japanese are helpful, understanding, and always willing to assist tourists in need. Many locals speak decent English, so if you speak very slowly and clearly, most adults will be able to grasp your meaning. 

There’s Amazing Transportation

The trains, buses, planes and ferry boats in Japan run on time, and the big cities are covered from end to end with rail lines, making it a simple task to get from one place to another.

Buses and taxis are the same way. The streets are full of them, and it’s always easy to find one going your way for the right price. The country boasts 175 airports and is also home to the “Bullet Train,” a system of 250 super-speed trains that connect most of the big cities.

It’s Home To Incredible Natural Wonders

Volcanoes, scenic mountaintops, glaciers, exotic wildlife, and crystal clear lakes are just part of Japan’s charm. You’ve got Mt. Fuji: Japan’s tallest and best-known mountain, Onsen which is hot springs, Cherry blossoms, snow monkeys and volcanoes, to name a few. 

The Amazing Food And Drink

Many people consider the matcha as the best tea in the world; it is a Japanese home-grown product. Ramen is another Japanese creation that combines wheat noodles, fish or meat broth, seasoning, and various toppings like seaweed, pork or onions and is now a worldwide favorite. Then you have Sushi as well, which is is definitely something you want to try in its home country. 

Japanese Experiences

Japan is the home of karaoke, sumo wrestling, and dozens of unique social customs. Take the tea ceremony; for example, this is an ancient art form which was originally a religious ceremony.and is one of the most beautiful activities that tourists can take part in. You can then go and watch some Sumo, the ancient Japanese form of wrestling. 

Unique Places

Kyoto is the nation’s old capital, a living piece of history as it is largely preserved and unharmed through world wars and natural disasters, the city is a favorite of travelers who tire of big cities and want to see what old Japan was really like. Then you’ve got Tokyo, Japan’s largest city, which is home to nearly 40 million people and is one of the wonders of the world. Every trip to the country should include at least one day in Tokyo.